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Malaise is a non-specific (general), sometimes vague, feeling of unease, discomfort, fatigue, general ill feeling, or "being run down". It is usually associated with a disease state

Compare this to fatigue or lethargy.

SDS Relevance

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Malaise is a symptom of many different types of diseases, including the common cold and flu, as well as heat exhaustion. It may be difficult to determine if malaise is from an occupational exposure to a chemical or a general illness. See if there is a correlation between exposure to a chemical at work and your you feel better on weekends, for example?

Check the Safety Data Sheets of the chemicals that you are working with and see if any other symptoms of exposure are listed in Section 11 (toxicological information). Many chemicals are known to induce malaise including carbon dioxide, styrene, carbon monoxide, various solvents, and even wood chips!

Further Reading

See also: emphysema, lethargy.

Additional definitions from Google and OneLook.

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