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Demystify Material Safety Data Sheets with the MS-Demystifier


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Hit the Demystify button (3). Use Save As Source... in your browser to save the resulting page as a thoroughly hyperlinked HTML file.

Just looking? Try the MSDS for benzoic acid.

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Further Info and Questions

  1. How long of a document can I Demystify?
  2. The demystifying hyperlinks stopped after a certain point in my document.
  3. Some words should have turned into hyperlinks but they didn't.
  4. Can I use and distribute these sheets with links to your HyperGlossary?
  5. What does this cost?
  6. Can I batch convert files?
  7. Can the MS-Demystifier handle PDF documents?
  8. Can I simply type in the URL of a sheet and get it converted that way?
  9. Is the MS-Demystifier limited to MSDS's?
  10. My MSDS was all capital letters, but the MS-Demystifier changed the case of some words.
  11. Will the MS-Demystifier mess up my hyperlinks in my HTML documents?
  12. If you have other questions or comments, simply contact our MSDS email address. We'd especially appreciate feedback on the Demystifier or MSDS HyperGlossary.

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