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Aqueous refers to a solution in water.

A more exact definition is a solution in which the solute (the substance dissolved) initially is a liquid or a solid and the solvent is water.

Additional Info

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Aqueous solutions fall into three general categories based on how well they conduct electricity:

Caution: do not interpret this language to suggest that it is safe to work with electricity around water! Such work involves special training, safeguards and precautions.

SDS Relevance

The term aqueous may appear on a Safety Data Sheet in terms of a special instruction (such as first aid procedures), a particular chemical property, or a chemical incompatibility.

Aqueous solutions are not usually flammable, but may be able to carry toxic materials into your body through skin contact or ingestion.

Be careful with terminology. A solution of ammonia gas (NH3) in water is often called ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH, ammonia water, or simply ammonia. Do not confuse this aqueous solution with ammonia gas (anhydrous ammonia)!

Further Reading

See also: concentration, electrolyte, solubility, solution, solvent, water reactive.

Additional definitions from Google and OneLook.

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