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CPL 02-02-079, Appendix E

HCS Effective Dates

laboratory condenser
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Effective Date Requirement(s) Who
December 1, 2013 Train employees on the new label elements and safety data sheet (SDS) format. Employers
June 1, 2015 Compliance with all modified provisions of this final rule. Chemical manufacturers, importers and employers
December 1, 2015 The distributor must not ship containers labeled by the chemical manufacturer or importer unless it is a Hazard Communication standard (HCS) 2012 label. Distributors*
June 1, 2016 Update alternative workplace labeling and hazard communication program as necessary, and provide additional employee training for newly identified physical or health hazards. Employers
Transition Period
May 26, 2013 - June 1, 2016
May comply with either HCS 2012 or the previous version (HCS 1994), or both. Chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors, and employers
* If the distributors meet the definition of manufacturers (see section X.C. of this Instruction), which includes repackaging and relabeling the chemicals, they must comply by June 1, 2015.

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